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ARRIVAL CONCEPTS is a software company providing sensational SaaS (software as a service) to businesses. Businesses and Customers use ARRIVAL CONCEPTS to securely communicate with one another; utilizing mobile devices and the internal pre-existing wireless network infrastructure of the business. With real-time analytics, secure media transference, and accountability recognition, it’s the best way to improve customer retention and increase sales.

ARRIVAL CONCEPTS offer a suite of custom comprehensive modules that empower and hold each user at a high level of accountability. ARRIVAL CONCEPTS incorporate these custom modules with mobile devices to cater to a company’s individual needs. Moreover, these modules give a company the flexibility in managing and granting permission levels based on a company’s needs. ARRIVAL CONCEPTS’ modules include multi-layer encryption, identity verification, and location protocols within the business. We employ compliance security practices that are utilizes by hospitals and credit card companies. HIPPA and PCI Compliance standards are used to ensure that the privacy of users and a company’s wireless network is protected.

Our knowledgeable team of analyst will evaluate problematic components of interest that your company face; to maximize short- and long-term growth potentials. ARRIVAL CONCEPTS will work with your company’s compliance department to guarantee all custom designed technologies adhere to compliance guidelines.

With a top tier support structure built to prioritize issues in place, the assistance needed to alleviate concerns is just a phone call away. Maximize security, Maximize growth, Maximize profit! With ARRIVAL CONCEPTS, the first and last word in efficient, effective business solutions!

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