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Arrival Concepts offer Apps as communication tools that uses mobile devices and a location’s internal network verify arrival/departure, 2-way data transfer, and secure document data; as it relates to the location and its visitors.
Android Requirements:
• Android 4.4 and up
• Application Manager

iOS Requirements:
• iOS 10 and up
•Application Manager

There is no extra equipment needed. ANY location with a wireless network can be used. If your device meets the requirements, has Wi-Fi connection capabilities, and has the ability to successfully download mobile applictions; the Arrival Concepts mobile application can be used.
The Arrival Concepts Application takes preventative measures to ensure optimal security! Arrival Concepts ensure that each device is login specific. This guarantee that specific user credentials are not used on multiple devices. All critical information is encrypted and encrypted as it is sent and received. However, mobile devices do offer you the ability to store your login information for apps installed on the device. If a user chooses to store login information, any unauthorized person who is given access to a specific device could compromise account access.
FREE!!! Arrival Concepts core functionality for core users utilize none of the mobile carrier’s data. This efficient as well as effective.
• ZERO data plan usage
• Analytics
• Automatically detect, authenticate and connect to specific wireless networks
• Mobile device verification
• Notification alerts of arrivals and departures
• Automatic history documentation
• And much more

The arrival concepts mobile app can be downloaded from respected sources such as the play store, app store, or the arrival concepts website.
Give us a call at (855) 943-4277 or Live Chat on the website Helpful representatives look forward to assisting you.