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ARRIVAL CONCEPTS for Logistics and Delivery

Logistics can prove to be a handful. Miscommunication can result in late deliveries, displaced paperwork, and facility to driver correspondence. All these elements play a role in overhead cost, detention time, and a reduction in clients. In a competitive logistics arena, cusumer retention depends on customer satisfaction.

ARRIVAL CONCEPTS has developed a simple to use method that reduce cost in logistics. Our process yields a reduction in detention time, miss or cancel load opportunities, and increase compliance with parties that govern transportation. We have designed a mobile device friendly platform that combine effective communication, proper documentation, and the ability to generate real-time analytics to all parties affiliated with specific loads. This increase of accountability results in efficient driver up-time, customer satisfaction, and client retention.

Read below for a few of the features that ARRIVAL CONCEPTS offer. Read below for a FEW of the features that ARRIVAL CONCEPTS offer.



Eliminate issues that accumulate to detention time by establishing accountability parameters.


Invoices, BOLs, and load manifest; are transferred directly from the shipper to the driver.

Encryption Security

Encryption and decryption technology ensure that information is secured.

Network Configuration

Multi-layers of security that verify who is delivering or picking up a shipment.

Network Access

Only verified users can access wireless networks; reducing security threats and down time.

Data Transfer

Documentation of transactions are categorized and communicated with all associated parties.

Dual Functionality

Subscribers are validated and verified before accessing secured networks; when picking up or delivering products. Measures are taken then documented to ensure maximum efficiency while using a minimum amount of resources.
Administrators can manage the process of granting/denying network access, sending/receiving documentation to subscribers that are on the network, and setting limitations and permissions to users on the network.

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