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ARRIVAL CONCEPTS for Property Management

Keeping residents up to date about policy changes, inspections, invoices, renewals, and maintenance issues is a concern. Emailing residents is proving to be ineffective. Leaving paper copies on the door of residents compromise private information. Labor hours and resources associated with the distribution of property correspondence can be costly. Verifying that property related information has been viewed by residents is also a issue.

ARRIVAL CONCEPTS offer customizable solutions; that combine accountability, security, and ease of use for residents; and property management alike. ARRIVAL CONCEPTS will help to increase resident retention, property perception, and perspective resident appreciation; while decreasing cost, time usage, and consumable consumption. Keeping residents and management in agreement is priority!

Read below for a FEW of the features that ARRIVAL CONCEPTS offer.


Network Access

Property Management can administer residents’ access to the property’s wireless network; providing a secure connection for communication between staff and residents.


Account information intended for specific residents is sent via the property’s wireless network. Leaving account related notifications on the resident’s door jeopardize privacy and the resident.


Management has real-time access to the on-property users. The number of notifications that are sent out and received by resident is also available.


Residents are dispatched a send/receive notification of fulfilled, suspended, and open maintenance request.


Transaction and correspondence that is sent and delivered residents is documented and stored; readily available and searchable based on category.

Network Management

Network permissions are granted, refused, or suspended; giving greater accountability to staff, vendors, and contractors.

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