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ARRIVAL CONCEPTS for Gyms and Health clubs

ARRIVAL CONCEPTS has created a seamless secure process for Gyms. Using the pre-existing wireless network of the gym and user’s mobile device, ARRIVAL CONCEPTS has created an encryption based product that is simple to use. ARRIVAL CONCEPTS has bridged the gap between the gym’s staff and its members. Members can check-in, receive account status, get updated class schedules, and report damaged equipment; not to mention communicate with staff and monitor your child in the gyms daycare. It’s hard enough hitting the gym after a busy day; ARRIVAL CONCEPTS make the process of hitting the gym a breeze. Read below for a FEW of the features that ARRIVAL CONCEPTS offer:


Network Protection

Members can conveniently connect to the gym’s wireless network without having knowledge of network names or passwords.


Upon Arrival, Members can check-in, receive up to date account status, and view their personal attendance logs. 

Personal Training

Personal trainers can send real-time or pre-set messages to specific members while the member is connected to the wireless network.

Member Marketing

The Gym can market contest, apparel and supplement sales; and Membership Discounts for family and friends to all its members.


Equipment malfunctions, facility hazards, and potential injuries can be submitted to Gym staff for rapid response.

Analytics Access

Management can view multiple location analytics, communicate with connected staff, and govern staff permission protocol.

Dual Functionality

Members, managers, and trainers are validated and verified when accessing the gym; as they enter or exit. Measures are taken then documented to ensure maximum efficiency while using a minimum amount of resources.
Administrators can manage the process of granting/denying network access, sending/receiving documentation to all parties that are on the network, and setting limitations and permissions to users on the network.

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