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ARRIVAL CONCEPTS has created a series of modules that enhance your experience while attending Worship. Interactions while entering into his gates with thanksgiving, has been simplified making it more beneficial when congregating. Read below for a FEW of the features that ARRIVAL CONCEPTS offer.


Wireless Network Security

ARRIVAL CONCEPTS configures the wireless network to securely transfer information between staff and parishioners.

Ceremony Program

Up dated ceremony schedules and information is sent directly to the parishioner’s mobile device for convenient viewing.

Text Reading

Following along with the speaker as scriptures are being read has never been easier with up to the minute text transfer.

Parishioner Notification

Getting the attention, requesting, or getting a message to a specific individual has never been so simple.

Usher Request

Whether its requesting an usher for a offering envelope or to deliver a message to church authority, this function and much more can be done with a push of a button.


Successfully communicate the arrival and departure of parishioners to the organizations staff.

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Dual Functionality

Subscribers are validated and verified before accessing secured networks. Transactions between staff and parishioners are facilitated. These transactions are documented to ensure maximum efficiency while using a minimum amount of resources.

Administrators can manage the process of granting/denying network access, sending/receiving documentation to subscribers that are on the network, and setting limitations and permissions to users on the network.

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